Enable Seamless

Send notifications to customers without delay on their preferred
channel using an automatic failover system for reliable delivery.

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Send Real Time Instant Multichannel Notifications

Courier companies have integrated our SMS notification API for real-time dispatch notifications ensuring that their customer experience surpasses the rest.

Standout with Impactful Features of Our
Instant Notifications

Quick Delivery

Deliver your message to the customer at the right time with no delays.

Real-Time Reports

Get quick delivery reports regarding the delivery of notifications.

Multiple Channels

Send customer notification via SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and other messaging applications.

Failover System

Ensure maximum delivery success through an automatic failover system.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate our notification API in to your existing platform.

Rich Media

Make business conversations interactive by using multimedia content.

Personalized Use Cases for Multichannel Notifications

Businesses from all industries use our communication platform to reach their
customers through instant notifications.

Payment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Bank Transactions

Delivery Dispatch

Order Receipts

Marketing Messages

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