Send SMS and Push

to make an Impact

Send Notifications on SMS and Applications
to Update Your Audience Instantly

Ensure maximum customer reach with mobile-based
push notifications along with SMS.

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Experience the Combined Impact of an SMS and Push Notifications Strategy

48.7 Million people will choose to receive SMS notifications over other channels.

Push notifications have a 65% open rate.

Push notifications have a 7x higher click rate than emails.

Engage Your Audience with the

Latest Communication Channels

Notice can empower your business to use a single API to update your customers instantly through text message and push notifications.


Use text messages to send important alerts and inform customers about latest events, features and appointments.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications on your Apps to users on both Android and IOS anytime.

Stand Out From the Competition!

Increased customer engagement with push notifications

Price-efficient push notifications

Maximize reach with both Android and IOS compatible API

Remind app users of latest business offers

Surpass SMS blocked users by reaching them with push notifications

Achieve higher open rates with a push notifications service

Experience improved ROI with transaction-based billing

Tracking abilities for engagement and open rates for push notifications

Amplify Your Business Communications!

Reach customers on their mobile phones with the combined power of a text message and push notifications service

Transaction Alerts

  • Marketing Messages
  • Credit Transfers
  • Account Updates

Order Confirmations

  • Dispatch Notifications
  • Appointment Alerts
  • Delivery Updates

Marketing Messages

  • Discount Promotions
  • New Stock Announcements
  • Welcome Offers

Incorporate SMS and Push Notifications

in your Communication Strategy

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