Enable Personalized
Marketing to Expand
Customer Reach

Send personalized messages to your target audience
to keep them informed of latest promotions.

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Deliver Personalized Promotional Messages to Your Customers

Retail stores use personalized marketing for its customers by reaching them on their mobile phones using unifonic’s multichannel API.

Standout with Our Impactful Features of
Marketing Communications

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule your marketing messages to send out the right information at the right time.

SMS Templates

Save time by creating templates for sending automated messages through the SMS marketing API.


Get precise data metrics like click-through rates and customize your marketing strategy accordingly.


Get a better understanding of your target audience through detailed reports.

Sender IDs

Communicate with your customers using brand names to stand out from the competition.

Powerful Use Cases for
Personalized Marketing

Use our multichannel platform to promote your business effectively with the
latest digital communication strategy.


Reminders of
Upcoming Events

Personalized Messages

Location Based

Brand Loyalty

Virtual Assistance
with Recommendations

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