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Communicate globally with customers in a fast
and reliable manner.


unifonic has achieved a reach of over 98% of the world’s mobile networks with over 5 billion messages delivered!

Boost your global communications and achieve improved business
metrics with our SMS channel.

unifonic world’s mobile networks


Integrate easily using minimal effort and no complex arrangements. Use our SMS API to
serve multiple business operations when connected to a single system.
Real Time Notifications Sender

Send Real Time Notifications

Notify your customers with instant messaging through personalized templates.

SMS Delivery Updates

Delivery Updates

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

SMS Account Updates

Account Updates

Automate Verification Messages

Secure transactions and account registration for hassle free interactions.

Two Factor Authentication (OTP)

Two Factor Authentication (OTP)

Security Alerts Through SMS

Security Alerts

Maximum SMS Delivery Rate

Maximum Delivery Rate

Automate Verification Messages
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Enable instant branded SMS marketing to reach the maximum number of customers.

Targeted Marketing Messages

Targeted Marketing

Location Based Advertising

Location Based

Share Catalogue Links Through SMS

Share Catalogue

Two Way SMS

Engage in interactive communication with your customers. Capture their feedback to continuously enhance customer experience.

Appointment Confirmations SMS

Appointment Confirmations

Survey Responses for Customer Satisfaction

Survey Responses for Customer

Opt-In Messages Sender

Opt-In Messages

Two Way SMS Marketing

Your Reliable Cloud
Communication Platform

Get delivery reports, efficient routing and guaranteed delivery when using unifonic's service API.
Instant Messages Sender

Instant Messages

Deliver notifications, alerts and one time passwords within seconds.

Two Way SMS Sender

Two Way SMS

Interact using shortcodes, long numbers and set auto-responses using keywords.

SMS Sender ID

Sender ID

Market your brand by sending messages using alphabet and number based sender IDs.

SMS Delivery Report

Delivery Report

Track your messages in real time through delivery reports.

Powerful Reporting for SMS Campaigns

Powerful Reporting

Detailed statistics for the most important metrics

Smart Routing Messages

Smart Routing

Delivers messages in the fastest time using the best route

Secure Your Banking Transactions by Using Our
Two-Factor Authentication Feature

Banks use unifonic’s SMS channel to verify all customer interactions so transactions like account registration, credit withdrawal and cash deposits are verified using OTPs.

Experience the Potential

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Delivery Dispatch Notifications

Delivery Dispatch Notifications

Order Confirmations Messages

Order Confirmations

Transaction Alerts Sender Service Provider

Transaction Alerts

Appointment Reminders Messages

Appointment Reminders

Branded SMS Marketing Service Provider

Branded SMS Marketing

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