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Date : Mar 10, 2019
Tag : SMS

SMS Marketing – The Latest Trend in Marketing

With cell phones quickly becoming an important part of our lives, it’s time to leverage this opportunity and get the best services for your business. People, especially millennials, are quickly becoming dependent on their cell phones to gather information and stay up-to-date about everything, from fashion to politics.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to reach your customers and get a positive return on your investment. Now you can capitalize on SMS marketing to generate revenue and get successful conversions.

So what are some of the advantages that SMS marketing can provide your business apart from the ones mentioned above? Yes, there are more! So let’s get started and get yourself acquainted with all that you’ve been missing.

Components of SMS Marketing

Coming up with a text message isn’t a difficult thing, but making sure it relates to your campaign can have you thinking.

The most important part of your campaign is to come up with a keyword that resonates with your brand and is able to convey the right message to your customers.

The next item on this list is the shortcode. This is the number that customers have to reply to in order to avail the offer you are providing. When the customer agrees and wants to be a part of your campaign, they can reply on the shortcode using the keyword you decided. This is their admission of agreeing to participate and follow the rules of the show. Interactive 2 ways SMS are also a great tool for obtaining real feedback from your customers.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Disbelief is the first reaction of people when they find out the many advantages that SMS marketing has to offer. It’s okay to be skeptical about something that you don’t fully understand, but read on and you will be surprised with the many advantages that SMS marketing has to offer.

High Engagement Rate

Email marketing might be your preferred medium of marketing, but keep in mind that it’s easy to ignore emails. People usually delete emails without even reading them or just ignore them when they realize they’re related to marketing.

If you steer clear of email marketing and opt for phone calls, even they can be ignored. All the customer has to do is not answer the call, and your marketing efforts would be in vain. But when it comes to SMS marketing, there’s no way your customer can escape it. Text messages are read immediately after being sent, which is more than we can say about other forms of marketing.

To make sure your customers get the best of your SMS marketing services, provide them the option of opting in or out. Give them a choice and make them feel they control the situation. Trust us on this. Your customer will relish the feeling of freedom with regards to their choice in the matter.

Track the Success

You can keep track of each step of the conversion process with traceable SMS marketing platforms. So whether it is initial delivery or opening the message, you’d always have the information that can help you make your business even better. With the help of the right texting platform, you’d be able to manage your claims straight from your PC. Reap the benefits of powerful reporting that can help you get detailed stats about your SMS marketing efforts. It’s the important metrics that help build your business, and by keeping an eye on them, it’s possible to make the right future projection.

Client Feedback

The main goal of a good marketing campaign isn’t to just get the message across to the customer. It pays well to get them involved in the process, and that’s possible with the help of interactive content. This interaction could be in the form of feedback or just a simple reply to avail your services.

A short message would do the job perfectly. Just make sure you provide your customers with clear instructions and you can make sure your conversion rates are high. If you do provide any links with the message, just make sure they are optimized for mobile too. This can help you drastically increase your conversion rate.

Fast Delivery

If you want fast results, you’d need to take up a fast delivery system that your mobile marketing can definitely provide. All you need to do is type the message and press send, and just like that, your message will be delivered in an instant. So make sure you avail this immediate delivery option and give your customers something reliable.

Personalized Message

Want to get in the good books of your customers?  Now you can use SMS marketing tools to add a personal touch to your messages. Typing messages in the first person is a sure way to get your customers interested. Make sure the messages include the first name of the customer, as it is a great way of connecting with them. Another great strategy is to use local events as a means to relate to the customers.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways you can use SMS marketing and avail the endless opportunities. Just keep a track of the conversion process to keep an eye on your progress. Make the whole process fun for your customers and offer them exciting offers they wouldn’t want to miss. Keep them interested and they’d keep coming back for more.Y

our SMS marketing strategies will determine the success of your brand, and that’s why it’s important for you to opt for effective techniques that are customized for the industry you operate in. Just take on the challenge and make SMS marketing an important part of your branding strategy.

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