Secure Your Business

Use two-factor authentication to verify interactions
with your customers to avoid fraud and identity theft.

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Prevent Fraudulent Transactions by Verifying All User Access Points

Banks have successfully secured their banking transactions by enabling user authentication using our two-factor authentication (OTP) solution for fraud prevention and reliable customer service.

Standout with Our Impactful Features
of Verifications

Secure and Tested

In order to become a reliable OTP service provider, our verification service has been tested heavily.

Install in Minutes

Ensure true plug and play installation security in minutes by using unifonic rest API.

Immediate Actions

Get instant verifications without latency as a result of our high priority queue.

Several Ways to Authenticate Users

You can utilize either text messages, voice calls or WhatsApp to execute flawless user authentication with OTPs.

Guaranteed Delivery

As an OTP service provider, we ensure maximum dispatch with our 100% guaranteed delivery rate.

Verification Use Cases for Your Business

Our multichannel verifications are not limited to a single industry and can be used by any business
irrespective of industry to ensure client security and fraud prevention.

Notifications for Two-Factor

Security Updates

Fraud Detection

Spam Prevention

Voice Authentication

Contact Number Validation

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