Voice API

Voice API

Let us carry your communication to the clouds with fast, reliable
and powerful voice applications for your business.


Flexible Voice Solutions

Our Voice API enables customers to engage with their clients over voice communication. It empowers your business to
make, receive, route, and manage your calls allowing complete and flexible control.

Notify your customers with instant online voice calls through our customized templates

  • Purchase Alerts
  • Transactional Voice Notifications

Send automated voice call verification messages

  • OTPs
  • Security Updates

Market your brand using our voice API

  • Sales Updates
  • Promotional Messages

Enable 2-way voice communications

  • Number Masking
  • Call Tracking

Experience Customer Interactions through Voice

Our voice channel can help your business engage in personal conversations with your customers

voice API Provider

99.95% availability of the voice API

Direct connectivity Provider

Direct connectivity with local operators

Local numbers Provider

Local numbers

24/7 support from unifonic

24/7 support from unifonic

Customer Interactions through Voice

Standout with unifonic's
Voice API Features

Incorporate voice in your brand communications for meaningful interactions.
Virtual Number Provider

Virtual Number and
Number Masking

Connect 2 parties in a call while maintaining the privacy of their numbers by displaying a unified number.

Customer Survey Platform Provider

Customer Survey

Capture your customer’s feedback using our IVR functionality.

Call Recording Service Provider

Call Records

Keep records of all two way voice conversations.

Direct Connectivity Provider

Direct Connectivity

Connect your voice calls directly to the telecom operators.

Local Numbers IDs for Voice Applications

Number IDs

Get local numbers to use with your voice applications.

Powerful Reporting and Insights for voice communication

Powerful Reporting
and Insights

Get comprehensive reports on the performance and trends of your voice communication with customers.

Now Get Voice Flight Confirmations!

Airlines use our Voice API to send out critical notifications, schedule updates and seat confirmations to its customers without any hassle.

Flight Confirmations through Voice
Broadcast Voice

Broadcast Voice Messages
to Your Employees

Use unifonic's voice solution to easily convey messages from senior
management to up to 20,000 employees at the same time.

Voice API Use Cases for Your Business

Number Masking Service Provider

Number Masking

Two Factor Authentication Provider

Two Factor Authentication

Satisfaction Surveys Platform Provider

Satisfaction Surveys

Emergency Alerts Sender

Emergency Alerts

Appointment Reminders Sender

Appointment Reminders

Marketing Promotions Sender

Marketing Promotions

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